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Sell ANFH Medicine Shenguling Bone Medicine good effect to bone cancer

Sell ANFH Medicine Shenguling Bone Medicine good effect to bone cancer

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  • have good effects on these bone disease:Diastatic fracture,ANFH , osteonecrosis ,bone cyst ,fibrous dysplasia of bone.
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  • 08-17-2017
Detail Information

have good effects on these bone disease:Diastatic fracture,ANFH , osteonecrosis ,bone cyst ,fibrous dysplasia of bone. Gukangling can help the union after fracture and children bone growth

ANFH are due to various factors which affect the flow of the blood, i.e., the lack of artery blood, and venous reflux disorder and blood stagnation to make the rise of intraosseous. Intraosseous microcirculation and Venous stasis cause the rise of intraosseous and compress the vessels to reduce the flow of blood, results in the ischemia and anoxia of the osseous tissue, as well as the disorder of the flow of blood. Then the continuous rise of osseous tissue aggravates Intraosseous microcirculation and Venous stasis. Such a circolos virtuoses will finally lead to the anemic necrosis of bone cells, the fracture of bone trabecula and the collapse of femoral head.
We have been focused on the research of non-invasive and non-invasive Chinese medicine which is environmental-friendly. We have put forward the theory of ‘dynamic unbalance of internal environment’ of blood and ‘reconstruction of blood circulation and activation of cells’, in which the bone cells are activated by the improvement of the supply of blood and blood oxygen. Based on these theories, we develop a new pure natural drag ‘Shengguling Capsule’. Long-term experimental and clinic studies for the medicine have shown that this medicine is high-efficiency in the curing of osteonecrosis, proliferative osteofibrosis, delayed union, pathologic fracture and osteoporosis. What’s more, it can keep the normal growth and development of femoral avoiding the cripple after the Children ANFH is cured. Particularly, our drug has been proved to be a breakthrough in the curing of old dissociated fracture(below 0.4cm) and proliferative osteofibrosis. As a results, our drug was honored as the first prize in the first Einstein Invention Fair.
The mechanism of curing
Shengguling Capsule could activate the self-adjustment and self-restoration of human body by improving the active immunity. Afterwards, the endocrine function is enhanced, and the osteoblast is activated. With the reconstruction of blood circulation, as well as the improvement of aerobic metabolism, the growth of osteoblast is considerably accelerated, and the disrupted bone is repaired.
The pharmacology
The experimental of pharmacodynamics for ‘Shengguling Capsule’ reported by Chengdu University of TCM show that there is a significant improvement in the curing of ANFH and osteoporosis. It is proved that the trabeculation and the repair of bone are obviously improved, with anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. The animal toxic experiment shows a tolerance dose 247 times as the ordinary dose, which confirms the safety of our medicine.

Clinic analysis of curative effect
It has been proved that taking the Shengguling Capsule with physical exercise will improve the curing of ANFH of an adult obviously. In our observation for half to five years, in average, the pain vanishes in one year, the walk function recovers in 1.2 years, and the total function recovers in 1.6 years. After curing with our medicine, the one can continuously walk to 3-4 kilometers without the sense of pain, and symptoms that the hip joint could not bend and two legs could not move to two sides are obviously improved,thus the cured patient could enjoy normal life and take light physical labor. Examined with X-rays it is shown that the sac area is recovered, the fracture is rejoined, and the bond density is reduced. The rate of curing is 64.4% and effective is 90.3%.
The Shengguling Capsule is especially high-efficiency in the curing of ANFH of children, by avoiding the deterioration and shortening the curing period to 11 months. X-ray examine shows the distortion of sac and the fracture is repaired, the filling of sac area, the collapse of bone is recovered gradually. After cured, the child could walk smoothly with normal load, and wounded limb grows normally. The rate of curing is 81.8% and effective is 90.9%.

For the curing of dissociated fracture and the delay of the repairing of fracture, it is shown that plane of rupture is closed, the fracture line is diminishing and the callus growing well after taking Shengguling Capsule.
For the curing of fracture of neck of femur of advanced person, usually the artificial femoral head is used because chemical medicine can not cure, while with orally taking Shengguling Capsule, it could be cured if it is based on early stage or inner fixed. Clinical tests light the amazing effects of Chinese medicine, which is the precious treasure of our nation and one of the most beautiful leaping spindrift in world Civilization River. She is an ancient miracle, broad and profound and Extre mely subtle. In a word, Shengguling Capsule is a Chinese medicine, which could serve as a painless, high-efficiency way for the curing of the difficult disease and will be a bright pearl in Chinese even all mankind medical treatment treasury.
Institute of Chengdu University of TCM

Sell ANFH Medicine Shenguling Bone Medicine good effect to bone cancer
  • Sell ANFH Medicine Shenguling Bone Medicine good effect to bone cancer
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